Residential Real Estate

Liquor Licenses

Buyer and Lender Representation

If you are contemplating making an offer on a property, it is essential to have legal representation right from the beginning — even prior to making your offer. We have negotiated thousands of purchase and sale agreements. We are ready to work with you, your real estate agent and your mortgage lender to bring your transaction to a successful closing. We have closed thousands of loans for both local and national lenders, and are most likely already on your lender's approved closing list.

Seller Representation

We are ready to negotiate your purchase and sale agreement, prepare the deed and related closing documents, and assist you in clearing your title and any issue that may arise during your sale. We will attend the closing with you and review all of the closing documents with you to ensure that your closing is completed properly.
We have extensive experience in handling real estate transactions throughout the state. Protecting buyers and sellers alike, we provide representation that protects our clients and helps to avoid disputes and/or future litigation.

We advise clients at every stage of real estate transactions, including:

• Negotiating commission and terms with real estate companies
• Working with clients and brokers to analyze the market comparisons to establish the sales price.
• Negotiating offers
• Handling Purchase and Sale Agreements and closing documents
• Attending the closing

Represent restaurants and restaurant groups with all business matters.  We will negotiate your purchase, sale or lease of restaurant space.  Prepare and file all documentation with the local licensing board and the ABCC in order to obtain an initial license.  We will prepare amendment documentation on your behalf, as needed (i.e., new manager requests, alteration of premises, change in ownership, etc.).  We will attend to all required local and/or ABCC inquiries on your behalf.